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I love to write, but for more than eight years, I have also enjoyed working as a freelance editor and copyeditor. I have worked with authors such as best-seller Shiloh Walker (and her alter-ego, J.C. Daniels), Devyn Quinn, A.E. Rought, Melissa Schroeder, J.M. Martin, and many, many more. Whether you're publishing independently or preparing for your first big submission, or whether you're a book list darling or a novice looking to break into the industry, I'm pleased to offer comprehensive, affordable, professional editorial services at affordable prices.

Visit my Editing Services page to find out more about available editing packages, rates for service, and to contact me for more information.

New Release

Out of the Dark, Book Seven in The Brethren Series is now available!

Naima Morin is a woman haunted by her past. For more than two centuries, she has struggled to forget the nightmarish years spent imprisoned underground, held captive at the whim of a sadistic madman named Lamar Davenant. But she can never forget the young man who rescued her from that hell—Lamar’s son, Aaron, who risked his own life so that she could be free. And though she believes she’ll never see Aaron again, he will always hold a place in her heart as her first—and only—true love.

Aaron Davenant is a man without a past. A head injury in his youth left any memories of his early life lost to him. But when he sees Naima Morin, there’s something undeniably familiar about her. Even though Aaron feels drawn to her, convinced Naima can help him unravel the mystery of his forgotten youth, he has a mission to complete—destroy Naima’s family—by order of his father. And Aaron has learned the hard way not to defy Lamar—he has the scars to prove it.

Click here to purchase from Smashwords in a variety of ebook formats. $4.99

Click here to purchase from Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle Fire. $4.99

Click here to purchase from BN.com for your Nook. $4.99

Free DARK THIRST ebooks

This year marks the Fifth Anniversary of the release of Dark Thirst, the first book in the Brethren Series. To celebrate this milestone, I'm giving readers a special gift: a free copy of Dark Thirst in the ebook format of your choice, with all-new, special edition cover artwork and an introductory message from me in the book explaining the genesis of this vampire romance series!

This is a limited-time offer and a great introduction to the series One Good Book Deserves Another calls "a vampire mythos as dark and disturbing as it is unique."

Click here to download your free copy today! Plus, calling all readers: Help me spread the word about this limited-time deal, and let the world know why we're all on Team Brandon!

New short story release

Now available for only $0.99: "In His Hands," a paranormal romance short story by Sara Reinke, author of the Brethren Series.

Can someone haunt you if they're not even dead? Dr. Jack Harris is about to find out. He gets more than he bargains for when he saves the life of a beautiful young singer named Laura Bennett. Night after night, Laura appears to him, begging him to make love to her--even though she's in a coma, hovering on the brink between life and death. Jack soon learns that sinister forces are keeping Laura's spirit from returning to her earthly form--and that unless he can save her a second time, these dark forces will lay to claim her soul for eternity.
Author and Goodreads reviewer Penny Watson calls "In His Hands" a "sexy, well-written, well-crafted story with a very cool mythological bent and a great ending." Amazon Top 500 reviewer Mindieloo rated it 4 out of 5 stars: "I liked this story of a doctor who fights to save a woman from death - twice."

Use the following links to download "In His Hands" for only $0.99 in a variety of electronic formats from both Amazon.com (for your Kindle) and Smashwords.

New release

Get set for my latest paranormal release, available now from Smashwords! In Once Bitten, private investigator John Harker thinks he's seen it all. But when a desperate woman begs him to find her missing daughter, John quickly learns there are many things in the Florida Keys that are best left unseen...and some secrets that are best left undiscovered. In a dark spin on the screwball comedy formula, John is bitten by a vampire, doomed to become one of the bloodthirsty undead unless his beautiful, plucky assistant Sandy (whose real name, as she sometimes still bothers to remind him, is Maureen) and a renowned but reluctant anthropologist specializing in vampire legends and lore, can save him.

Enjoy an excerpt, "meet" the cast and find out more by clicking here to visit the book's mini-website.

Click here to download your copy of Once Bitten in a variety of electronic formats, including for your Kindle and Nook, for only $4.99.

Free short story

"You ever feel like everything in the world’s gone wrong? Like you can’t do anything right? Like the world is nothing but a big pile of dog shit, and you’re just a smear in the fecal matter taking up space? That kind of sadness, that sort of despair—that’s what they leave you with once they’ve eaten enough of your soul. From there, it only gets worse."

Check out my horror short story, "The Periphery People," now available for FREE download in a variety of ebook formats -- including for your Kindle -- through Smashwords.

Of "The Periphery People," Amazon reader K.Kaye praises: "Sara Reinke's 'Periphery People' is a wonderfully dark tale of shadows and the places we can only see through a twisted lens."

Also available for FREE as part of the "Here Be Monsters" horror fiction anthology.

New Release

The Mammoth Book of Ghost Romance, which includes my short story "In His Hands," is now available in Kindle and paperback formats. Contributing authors also include Sharon Shinn, Dru Pagliasotti, Caridad Pineiro, Jennifer Estep, Gwyn Cready, Carolyn Crane, Jeannie Holmes, Anna Campbell, Julia London, Christie Ridgway, Holly Lisle and Liz Maverick. Click here to purchase.

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